New Sycamore Creek Pub: Temporal variability in hydrology modifies the influence of geomorphology on wetland distribution along a desert stream

(4 Aug 2015) Check out our newest Sycamore Creek publication. A super interesting long-term look at wetland plant growth within a desert stream that is also sensitive to and highly prone to flood disturbances.  Well done, Xiaoli and Nancy! Dong, X., N. Grimm, O. Kiona, J. Franklin. 2015. Temporal variability in hydrology modifies… Continue reading

12K Survey 2014

(5 August 2014) Mid-June in the Grimm lab means it is time for the annual 12 kilometer wetland plant survey in Sycamore Creek! This year we had 15 fabulous volunteers helping us determine locations of wetland plant growth and surface water. The survey has been done every June since 2009, and… Continue reading